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They would seem to be the words of an ordinary crackpot conspiracy theorist, but they are the words of the Director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division Dr. Jim Green! (see
This is the gist of the irritating statements released to The Telegraph ) and the Sunday Telegraph ). Both NASA and ESA mission that will start in 2020 to search for life on Mars, could make the discovery of the century but public opinion is not yet ready to receive such news!
Instead he is ready, indeed very ready, to the point of allowing himself to establish that such a discovery will have to be carefully filtered before being eventually made public; it is like a worker telling his employer that he is not able to use what is produced thanks to his own money. NASA, ESA and any space agency are funded with public money, money coming from the pockets of the same people that Dr. Jim Green considers unprepared to receive the results of research for which he is paid handsomely: he takes the money without problems but the results of these researches will be disclosed only and when it will be convenient to him; does it seem an acceptable attitude?
In other times, such statements, would have triggered the popular indignation such as to force such a character to resign immediately and to disappear totally from public life to avoid a sure media lynching.
Such statements are not only arrogant, contrary to the scientific spirit, unethical towards those who finance his work and totally unbearable, they are also a serious insult to the intelligence of all those researchers who for decades have been advancing evidence in support of the existence of life on Mars!
Shame on you Dr. Jim Green, despite your lofty titles, I think you should be treated as an embarrassment by the whole serious and honest scientific world!!!

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