The experiment was performed on the Iss where scientists exposed a Cryomyces antarticus to the conditions of the Red Planet!

Thanks to the report of a reader, I propose this article even though it is dated January 30, 2016.
According to this research carried out on the International Space Station (ISS), not only bacteria but even molds and lichens would be able to proliferate on Mars even in the current conditions!
I would say that putting together the numerous photos in which appear blue-greenish spots (many of which published recently on this page..) with this research, we should stop talking about Mars as a “dead rock”.
Perhaps the question “Is there life on Mars?” should be replaced with “What lives on Mars?”.

Obviously this article is a summary in Italian of a publication in English of which I propose you also the originals.

Astrobiology Magzine:

Complete research in PDF downloadable for free:
“Survival of Antarctic Cryptoendolithic Fungi in Simulated Martian Conditions On Board the International Space Station”.

This post has been automatically translated. See the original post here.

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