Despite my 52 years, I can still amaze myself!!!
The scientific world realizes only “when it is done” how it is WRONG AS WELL AS PUERILE to send a “dirty” car in space on an orbit that could make it fall on a planet different from Earth (for example Mars??)!
Now the scientists are protesting, the Planetary Protection is protesting and everybody is protesting; but you could not protest before?
Obviously all because of the same “rich man” who would like to land men on Mars by 2024 (as if the human body could be sterilized!).
In the meantime the scientific community is trying to lower the limits imposed by the international treaty of Planetary Protection, just to allow this and other similar crap to the detriment of Mars and Earth itself!
As I said at the beginning, I am really amazed by the idiocy of the whole situation; read this article and then explain to me the sense of writing these things now when the damage is done.
How can you make public certain implications after having “electrified” public opinion and the media to the point of broadcasting the event of the launch live and practically in the world!
Personally I literally refused to publicize the event that I sincerely hoped would fail but instead succeeded and to the great joy of all the media.
Who knows how many other media will have the courage to disclose the interesting implications exposed in the article included in this post, which all in all still goes lightly!

This is why I PROTEST against all those who are supporting the privatization of space exploration and who want to modify the Planetary Protection rules.

The Planetary Protection rules have been written in a wise and far-sighted way and MUST BE RESPECTED, not only to defend possible extraterrestrial biological environments (which unfortunately too many people care less than nothing!) but above all to safeguard the integrity of the terrestrial biosphere on which we all depend!

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