Finally the echoes of my and Matteo Fagone’s researches have crossed the ocean!
Barry Roffman and his son David have analyzed several aspects of the transient activities documented by us, not least the famous plume on Arsia Mons.
Who would like to exclude a priori the volcanic hypothesis because Mars would be a “dead planet” should at least know that the last signs of geological activity on Mars date back to a few tens of millions of years ago, which in geological terms is a very short time, so we cannot say that Mars is geologically dead!
Do we want to affirm that it is an orographic cloud?
Ok, let me see another orographic cloud on another Martian volcano with the same morphological characteristics and the same size and then I will believe it.
Too strange that the only similar examples always concern only Arsia Mons, isn’t it?
Why don’t the other volcanoes show anything similar?
What is so special about Arsia Mons compared to the other three major volcanoes?

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