We are all, well or badly, used to take for granted the distortion of information provided by the mass media.
We all know very well how television and newspapers can sometimes distort reality according to the convenience of their respective editors.
But according to some “fresconi” scientific information would be totally free from such mechanisms!
These “fresconi” pretend to peddle pearls of wisdom in a dogmatic way, without “if” and without “but”.

After a recent attack purely invective and without scientific arguments by experts who have believed in vain to put us in trouble, we decided to write this article to make a summary of the studies we have done that you can see individually as included in the article itself.

We are aware of the intrinsic difficulty of the subject, and therefore we remain available to any type of clarification as long as addressed with respect and good manners.

We wish everyone a good consultation.

This post has been automatically translated. See the original post here.

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