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At 15:55:30 LMST the Rear Left Hazcam recorded again an incredible Martian rainbow extended from side to side.
If in the photo of Sol 43 it was vaguely questionable the possibility of a reflection of sunlight entering in a grazing way between the camera lenses (see, in this case this possibility is categorically excluded!
As you can see from the direction of the shadows, here the sunlight comes from behind the camera, thus totally excluding the possibility that it could have illuminated the lens of the camera itself that here instead were in shadow!
So, if it is definitely not a reflection of the Sun between the lenses, what generates these rainbows on Mars?
What is special in this crater to generate recurrent rainbows, never observed before by other rovers and landers?
The original image has undergone noise reduction due to compression, white balance and a slight increase in microcontrast and color saturation in order to make the colors more similar to what the human eye would see.

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