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A beautiful glimpse of the Martian landscape in true color in which you can see the tracks dug by the wheels of Opportunity itself that expose the sub-surface layer of brick red soil. The rest of the panorama shows shades ranging from green to turquoise and pink to orange.
This photo was obtained by combining three images taken with narrowband filters in the three basic colors taken between 09:33:09 UTC and 09:35:43 UTC by Opportunity’s Pancam.
The original images (especially in the green and blue) have a high level of “noise” and so I applied a noise filter to all three colors to eliminate spurious dots (“despeckle” filter).

RGB HD image processed:

Original BN images:

Red (735nm with 20nm bandwidth)
09:33:09 UTC
15:42:19 LTST

Green (535nm with 20nm bandwidth)
09:35:29 UTC
15:44:35 LTST

Blue (432nm with 32nm bandwidth)
09:35:43 UTC
15:44:49 LTST

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