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Between 23:06:10 UTC and 23:09:33 UTC the Pancam of Opportunity takes three images with narrow band filters in the three basic colors, from which it was possible to derive this extraordinary true color image of these Martian rocks.
They continue to shoot the area around Opportunity always showing a wide variety of colors, unlike the photos of Curiosity that always need to be processed to show a minimum of color variations.
Do you recognize this rock?
Well, if you sift through the previous photos you may be surprised …
Watch out for the next post… Surprise coming soon! 😉

Unprocessed HD RGB image (raw):

Original BN images:

Red (735nm with 20nm bandwidth)
23:06:10 UTC
12:54:59 LTST

Green (535nm with 20nm bandwidth)
23:07:54 UTC
12:56:40 LTST

Blue (432nm with 32nm bandwidth)
23:09:33 UTC
12:58:16 LTST

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