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As announced by Prof. Roberto Orosei during the live on July 30 on this page (see, there is a network of salt lakes under the ice of the South Pole of Mars!
Around the lake discovered in 2018 by an Italian group, there are three others, described in the journal Nature Astronomy by the same authors of the first study, coordinated by Elena Pettinelli and Sebastian Emanuel Lauro, from the University of Roma Tre, with Roberto Orosei, from the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF). Researchers from the National Research Council (CNR) and Italians working in Australia (University of Southern Queensland) and Germany (Jacobs University in Bremen) participated.

The new lakes were also discovered with the Marsis radar, provided by the Italian Space Agency (Asi) to the Mars Express mission of the European Space Agency (ESA).

“Compared to 2018, we have greatly expanded the study area and used a different method of analysis, now the data indicate that there is a larger water system,” Elena Pettinelli told ANSA. If two years ago the research had been conducted on an area of 20 square kilometers, now an area of 250 kilometers by 300 has been reviewed and “the fact that there are complex hydrological structures suggests that there may be more.”

ANSA article:

Nature Astronomy article:

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