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I present a substantial article on the possibility of the existence of life on Mars. Great scientists and researchers at work to demonstrate how the conditions on the Martian surface are not so hostile to the presence of bacterial life or even multicellular.
Finally we face also the problem of radiation, not only the radiation present on the surface but the direct comparison with the amount of radiation tolerated by various living organisms.
The result of this research is really disconcerting, fungi, lichens, algae and other organisms can survive not only the transfer from Earth to Mars but to the conditions on the Martian surface itself. Also in this research we note that not only is likely the presence of microorganisms but it is even supported by several photos taken by the various rovers on the Martian surface.
A real coup de grace for all those who argue that the conditions on the Martian surface are totally hostile to any form of life as we know it.
Impossible to summarize in a few lines all the content of this beautiful article, but certainly worth reading and also download it, since it is accessible free of charge by anyone without the need for any registration.

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