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At 01:40:57 UTC the Mastcam Right re-shot the excavation named “Mary Anning 3” (see
A comparison with the previous image, taken only two days earlier, shows the same changes observed in the previous excavation (see
The extreme similarity between the two excavations, however, performed in the same area (Mary Anning), makes me suspect that during the first analysis of the previous excavation has emerged something particularly interesting to require a second excavation to confirm the possible discovery.
I repeat that this is only my suspicion and that in any case could pass some months before a possible confirmation.
The original image is a black and white encoding of the Bayer mask that has been converted to color through a process called “debayering” or “demosaicing”. In addition, the photo has undergone noise reduction due to Jpeg compression, white balance and a slight increase in microcontrast and color saturation in order to make the colors more similar to what the human eye would see.

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