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At 17:07:04 UTC the Right Mastcam captured a nice set of layered rocks.
Again, we can see small flows coming from the rock visible in the upper right corner, as well as beautiful shades of different colors in the soil further downstream.
During this period, REMS data (see indicate that the ground temperature reached +17°C while the air +8°C (Sol 2744).
So let’s not be surprised if liquid water comes out of the ground, it’s perfectly normal given the current climate conditions!
The original image is a black and white encoding of the Bayer mask that has been converted to color through a process called “debayering” or “demosaicing”. In addition, the photo has undergone noise reduction due to Jpeg compression, white balance and a slight increase in microcontrast and color saturation in order to make the colors more similar to what the human eye would see.

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