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At 09:10:39 UTC the Mastcam Right took a picture really rich of interesting details…
Let’s start with the rocks, full of sharp edges and corners, in a context where otherwise prevails a strong erosion and therefore where the other rocks are smooth and blunt.
On the right side of the image, we can observe the imprint left by one of the rover’s wheels by the sharp and defined contours, as if the ground was plastic and compact as wet clay.
Also note how the ground moved by the wheel of Curiosity is the same color of what seems to come out from under the largest rock visible at the top.
Other color tones are also visible in the soil, such as blue in the upper left or green at the bottom, almost as if to complete a pretty picture.
What do you think, does liquid water have something to do with it here?
The original image is a black and white encoding of the Bayer mask that has been converted to color through a process called “debayering” or “demosaicing”. In addition, the photo has undergone noise reduction due to Jpeg compression, white balance and a slight increase in microcontrast and color saturation in order to make the colors more similar to what the human eye would see.

Original image:

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