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At 08:22:05 UTC and 08:22:21 UTC the Mastcam Right took two adjacent photos of stratified rocks in which the same detail has been blatantly censored!
In the upper right corner of the left photo and in the upper left corner of the right photo, you can see a sort of double inverted L-shaped rectangle in which detail has been totally blurred in a blatantly malicious manner.
Initially, when I saw the first image, I thought it was a transmission error, since sometimes it happens that some areas of the image are lost during the reception on Earth, but usually these lost areas are represented with black rectangular areas.
Intrigued, I looked for an adjacent image in which there was the same detail to better understand why and possibly be able to see better what was hidden. Found the image I had to see that the same detail had been removed identically in both photos!
If you consider that the detail in question is seen in totally different positions in the two photos, the probability that a transmission error has erased with such precision the same detail present in two different photos taken with different framings is practically nil!
This is therefore a clear evidence of a deliberate act of censorship, a very serious act that has aroused in me a deep indignation that I hope you all share!
Ask for an account of this scandalous fact to all “disseminators” of your knowledge; one cannot remain silent in front of something so evident.
The original images are a black and white encoding of the Bayer mask that have been converted to color through a process called “debayering” or “demosaicing”. In addition, the photos have undergone a reduction in noise due to Jpeg compression, white balance and a slight increase in microcontrast and color saturation in order to make the colors more similar to what the human eye would see.

Original image 08:22:05 UTC:

Original image 08:22:21 UTC:

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