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At 23:02:37 UTC the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) has taken this beautiful picture of a Martian rock from a distance of only 7.47 cm and with a definition of 0.0338 mm/pixel, thus covering an area of 5.31 cm X 3.95 cm.
An incredible interweaving of limestone (or gypsum), such as to create such intricate textures as to make the surface of this rock worthy of an abstract painting; it occurs to me that sometimes nature creates true works of art!
If you’d like, download the image from the options menu from the photo and zoom in well on the various details. You’ll notice some really intricate thin branching branches; definitely spectacular.
This photo has been processed to allow a better view of the colors by making them more like what the human eye would see, balancing the white and slightly increasing the microcontrast and color saturation.

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