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At 06:09:12 UTC Mastcam Left took this picture of Martian layered rocks.
These rocks appear on average of the typical “Mars red” color, except in the inlets and recesses where the color turns decidedly turquoise.
The ground also shows similar color variations, but also shows two very interesting “flows” darker than the surrounding terrain in the left side of the image; liquid water?
Are we looking at the first close-up photo of two small RSLs (see
Spread this picture and try to submit it to as many people as you think may have a minimum of expertise on the subject, I am really curious to see the explanations that will give.
I wonder if the technicians of Curiosity will try to investigate the chemical and physical nature of these two “likely” flows of liquid water, we hope!
To show colors more similar to those that the human eye would see, I subjected the image to a reduction of noise due to Jpeg compression, white balance and a slight increase in microcontrast and color saturation.

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