Between 02:28:08 and 03:00:14 the Front Hazcam Left takes a sequence of thirteen images that depict the new drilling attempt made by Curiosity.
Unfortunately the attempt to drill “Voyageurs” was only partially successful, perhaps because the rock was harder than expected. At the moment it is not clear if other attempts to drill “Voyageurs” will follow or if it will proceed to the analysis of the hole produced seen through the other instruments of Curiosity…
Note however how the haze behind does not show the slightest change in intensity, almost as if the wind was totally absent!
But if the wind is negligible, what keeps all that “alleged” dust in the air?

HD animated GIF:

Reference report:

Original images:

02:28:08 UTC

02:28:45 UTC

02:30:41 UTC

02:32:14 UTC

02:39:51 UTC

02:48:48 UTC

02:50:32 UTC

02:52:16 UTC

02:54:00 UTC

02:55:44 UTC

02:56:24 UTC

02:57:09 UTC

03:00:14 UTC

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