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At 17:16:40 UTC, 13:53:28 LTST, Mastcam Right captured the result of its latest drilling attempt. The instrument had been idle for about two years due to technical failure. In February of this year, a drill was attempted using an alternative technique to overcome the malfunction, but the attempt did not produce a hole deep enough to collect enough material for analysis.
But on May 20 it was attempted to add more force by giving a percussive motion through the robotic arm on which is mounted the drill of Curiosity, thus obtaining a much deeper drilling.
Despite the numerous photos taken (see also and ), NASA has not yet officially communicated if the result was positive and useful for the collection of sufficient material for analysis.
The image presented here has been subjected to careful white balance and a slight increase in contrast to make the color vision more similar to what the human eye would see.

HD processed image:

Original image (raw):

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