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Between 14:23:06 UTC and 14:23:27 UTC the Mastcam Left of Curiosity takes three images with narrow band filters in the three basic colors, from which it was possible to derive this true color image of the rock on which the last drilling experiment has just been carried out (here not yet performed).
Compared to the image taken by the same camera but without filters the color rendering is radically different (see shot at 14:22:59 ).’ target=’_blank’>).
This difference is due to the absence of the infrared cut filter, which on the one hand favors the shooting even in the infrared itself, on the other totally unbalances the color rendering as shown in this article:
This is why I submit the normal images of Curiosity to an accurate white balance.

RGB HD unprocessed image:

Original color image without filters:

Original BN images:

14:23:27 UTC
Icon version:

14:23:06 UTC
Icon version:

14:23:13 UTC
Icon version:

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