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Mars Webcam, October 10, 2018: the eruption continues!!!

After fifteen days of waiting, finally the Mars Express technicians decided to film again the Tharsis region and with it Arsia Mons.
At 00:38:27 UT the Mars Webcam takes this beautiful image of the plume coming out of Arsia Mons as it extends over 2000 km to the west!
I remind you that the phenomenon was taken for the first time on September 19 and then until September 25, so we are talking about a phenomenon that lasts at least three weeks.
The photo you are seeing was obtained “debayerizing” the raw image, since the version processed by ESA at the time has not yet been published on the official page on Flickr (see:

I regret how such a news can remain ignored by all the popularizers and all the scientific media. The most serious thing is that instead it is a phenomenon of extreme interest, a phenomenon so powerful as to generate a very long wake even because of the winds, despite the plume travels no less than 20 km altitude!
Incredible, if we think that at that altitude the atmospheric pressure should be less than a tenth of hectopascal (or a tenth of millibar if you prefer), it really makes you wonder how it is possible to transport all that “material” up to over 2000 km away at such a level of rarefaction!

Elaborated photo:

Original photo 18-283_00.38.27_VMC_Img_No_8.raw extracted from file 2018-10-10_00.29-00.38.zipper available at:

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