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In this image taken at 08:52:23 UT by the Mars Webcam is still clearly visible the plume that starts from the west side of Arsia Mons officially classified as “orographic cloud”!
Although the ESA has done its best to deny the geological nature of this formation, stating that it is a recurring phenomenon that strangely affects only Arsia Mons, it has not yet provided any explanation as to why only Arsia Mons generates this type of “threadlike” structure.
In fact, the orographic clouds that are sometimes generated on other adjacent volcanoes always have a completely different appearance and never so elongated!
Personally I would expect that the phenomenon affects also the other volcanoes of Tharsis valley but it is clear that it is not so; why?
I warmly beg my readers not to give up and to keep alive the interest in this phenomenon that has not yet received a full explanation and that is still in full evolution.
The phenomenon is beginning only now to receive a minimum of media interest and it is only thanks to this “fuss” if the ESA has had to bother to make public statements, moreover rather “smoky”… 😉

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