Thanks to two Mars Webcam shots taken at 22:08:58 and 22:11:21 UT, it was possible to compose this small animation to show the plume of Arsia Mons taken laterally from two slightly different angles, visible along the edge of the planet in the lower right corner. The plume itself appears very large and still very dense, as evidenced by the shadow cast on the ground.
We are almost at two months of activity and the intensity and extension of the plume itself do not hint at diminishing!
The original images have been rotated 37° clockwise to render a better three-dimensional effect due to the slight difference in framing between the two shots due to the combined movement of Mars and Mars Express.

Animated GIF:

Original images:

Image taken at 22:08:58 UT

Image taken at 22:11:21 UT

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