In this funny video we will enjoy a meeting organized by SETI and chaired by Seth Shostak in which Dr. Robert Zubrin, president and founder of the Mars Society and aerospace engineer at Lokeed Martin astronautics in Denver, is compared with Dr. John Rummel, SETI scientist and official representative of COSPAR Planetary Protection.
We immediately notice the disruptive and disrespectful way in which Dr. Robert Zubrin poses both towards Seth Shostak and John Rummel.
The arguments used are definitely laughable, as he does not deny the possibility that there is indigenous life on Mars, he simply says that we should give a damn and close the international office of Planetary Protection.
His workhorse is the panspermia (see, to which he clings tenaciously to try to demonstrate that any talk about contamination and reverse contamination is completely useless.
We would like to remind Dr. Zubrin that already the colonizations from one continent to another on Earth have had a strong impact in the spread of diseases and in the disruption of local ecosystems. Imagine then what could happen from one planet to another!
We would also like to point out that human history is dotted with epidemics literally born from nothing and that there is no evidence that these epidemics can not be related to meteorites arrived from space, giving for good the theory of panspermia so dear to him.
We conclude that his battle horse is actually a Trojan horse that hides inside it other interests.
Interests that go miserably in favor of his foundation, his personal lust and at the expense of science, the Earth’s ecosystem and probably also the Martian one.

Finally we would like to point out to our dear Dr. Zubrin how dishonest it is to try to paint Mars as a barren rock to be colonized while knowing very well that the reality is very different. Ultimately, what would be the point of colonizing a barren rock millions of miles away when we have the Moon just around the corner?
It means then that Dr. Zubrin knows very well that Mars is much more hospitable than the Moon and is much more Earth-like than he would like to make believe!
Is it so or not, dear Dr. Zubrin?

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