Normally I do not devote my time to run after the hoaxes, but in this case has been such a resonance and credulity of the media and certain “disseminators” to push me to finally dismantle this nonsense!
The TGO has taken breathtaking photos but has never captured the sunset shown by ANSA!!!
What you have been peddled is a photomontage constructed from an image taken by Curiosity during Sol 956 on April 15, 2015.
This animation shows how the profile of the horizon is virtually identical in both photos, demonstrating definitively as the alleged sunset taken by TGO is the result of a useless photomontage only to attract media attention in a misleading and deceptive way.
I hope that those in charge will assume their responsibilities in front of such acts of misinformation!

Comparative animation:

“Sunsets and craters, Mars as no one has ever seen it.”
ANSA editorial board June 27, 2018 5:27 pm

Photomontage fake sunset:

Curiosity Sol 956, Mastcam Right
April 15, 2015 15:50:31 UTC

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