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Beautiful view of the Martian horizon, which in this photo appears a bit bluer than in the previous Sol photo (see
We will probably see a lot of variation in weather conditions in the coming months….

This true-color photo was obtained by combining three images taken with narrowband filters in the three basic colors taken between 09:41:34 UTC and 09:44:30 UTC by Opportunity’s Pancam.
The original images (especially in the green and blue) have a high level of “noise” and so I applied a noise filter to all three colors to eliminate spurious dots (“despeckle” filter).

RGB HD image processed:

Original BN images:

Red (735nm with 20nm bandwidth)
09:41:34 UTC
13:55:01 LTST

Green (535nm with 20nm bandwidth)
09:44:17 UTC
13:57:39 LTST

Blue (432nm with 32nm bandwidth)
09:44:30 UTC
13:57:52 LTST

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