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Between 01:56:40 UTC and 02:00:02 UTC Opportunity’s Pancam takes three images with narrow-band filters in the three basic colors, from which it was possible to derive this true color image of this very special looking rock formation.
The original images (especially in green and blue) have a high level of “noise” and then I applied a noise filter to all three colors to eliminate the spurious dots (“despeckle” filter).
It immediately jumps to the eye as the majority of these rocks have a reddish coloration on the edges, while the flat upper surfaces fade into shades between green and bluish-green and in a couple of rocks even purple.

RGB HD processed image:

Original BN images:

Red (735nm with 20nm bandwidth)
01:56:40 UTC
15:21:17 LTST

Green (535nm with 20nm bandwidth)
01:58:20 UTC
15:22:54 LTST

Blue (432nm with 32nm bandwidth)
02:00:02 UTC
15:24:33 LTST

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