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Between 22:19:59 UTC and 22:22:32 UTC Opportunity’s Pancam takes three images with narrowband filters in the three basic colors, from which it was possible to derive this extraordinary true-color image of these Martian rocks.
Note the rock in the lower left, greenish-blue on one side reddish at the top; not that the others are any less important, quite the contrary!

Unprocessed (raw) RGB HD image:

Original BN images:

Red (735nm with 20nm bandwidth)
22:19:59 UTC
13:26:48 LTST

Green (535nm with 20nm bandwidth)
22:22:18 UTC
13:29:03 LTST

Blue (432nm with 32nm bandwidth)
22:22:32 UTC
13:29:17 LTST

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