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“Researchers still haven’t figured out what the seasonal spikes in methane concentrations on Mars depend on, and Curiosity has now served them a new mystery: Every year there are repeated unexplained spikes in the concentration of oxygen in the air at Gale Crater. For now, scientists are groping in the dark.”

Struggling in the dark?
Are you kidding me?
But it really takes a genius to understand that this is a further indication of the presence of biological activity on the Martian surface?
The positive results of biological experiments of the two Viking landers, photos of “something” similar to mushrooms, photos of “something” similar to lichen, photos of “something” similar to mold, photos of stones that change color seasonally, seasonal emissions of methane and now also oxygen, and these people groping in the dark?
These people are not groping in the dark, rather they are trying to grasp at straws in a vain attempt to find an alternative explanation to the biological one!
By now, however, the screeching of their nails has become deafening!!!

Article by Massimo Zito:

Original article by Lonnie Shekhtman of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center:

Full original research in PDF downloadable for free:

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