It is one of the most intriguing question, so much to have become object of bitter diatribes between many people belonging to the conspiracy and anti conspiracy bangs. Every now and then we too are targeted in these ridiculous infighting when we dare to open our mouths on this fascinating topic.

Recently, a passing user has brought to our attention the following official NASA document as proof that we are obviously wrong (and therefore we should be ugly conspiracy theorists):

Let us premise, however, that we were already aware of this work, among other things quite dated. A document that all things considered could have a substantial validity. Who knows, maybe it is even correct….However the vexata questio is very different from what our “hit and run friend” probably imagined.

We tend to be more “advanced” than those who make assessments on the basis of a single report, even if it is a NASA report. In fact, we have adopted a more elaborate methodology, based on the Mars Climate Database (NASA and ESA):

It is useless to make a list of the advantages, but we know well that anyone who has a minimum of familiarity with this valuable tool has no doubt about it.

For this reason we have questioned several reports and official NASA communiqués for the simple fact that one fundamental thing is missing. The possibility to falsify their data is missing. There is a lack of official references from other space agencies. Science requires the possibility of verification by others of the results produced by others.

We are not interested in the responsibility of anyone if one lies and the other does not. We don’t give a damn! We do not walk by faith towards a body now considered as a god.

In the documentary about the unfortunate Schiaparelli accident we have explained why we believe that the Mars atmosphere is denser than we can imagine. In this article we explained why suspended dust is evidence of a dense atmosphere:

And in this documentary many other things….

Everything else is beyond our interest….”

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