“Tests in Sweden of the parachute system for the Russian-European ExoMars 2020 mission proved unsuccessful: the station’s model crashed during landing, Ria Novosti reported, citing an informed source on the test results.
The test of the parachute system at the Esrange training ground in Sweden failed. The full-size model of the ExoMars 2020 Martian station landing module crashed during the landing, according to the agency.
The press service of the European Space Agency has not yet commented on this information.
According to the head of the Space Policy Institute, Ivan Moiseev, the accident may not affect the launch date of the spacecraft planned for next year, as there is still time to perform more tests.
That’s why tests are being conducted. For the remaining time, the parachute system can be improved. I think the deadlines will not change unless some new reasons arise. If it’s not possible this time they’ll correct it for the next one, since there’s still enough time.”

Maybe they’re starting to get the hang of it! 🙏😏🧐

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