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Both the ChemCam (at 01:39:01 UTC) and the Mastcam Right (at 02:19:47 UTC) have captured this “object” as thin as a sheet of paper, of uncertain size but certainly less than 2-3 centimeters.
At the moment I have no news about its nature; it could be “something” blown away by Curiosity itself, as well as a mineral deposit exfoliated and carried by the wind.
I am surprised that the “Martian anomaly hunters” have not already spammed it all over the world, given the very curious and unusual appearance; personally I have never seen anything like it on Mars!
The image on the left (Mastcam) has been subjected to white balance and a slight increase in contrast, to bring the color rendition to that of the human eye.
The right image (ChemCam) has undergone only a slight increase in microcontrast to improve the visibility of smaller details.

Processed composite image (HD):

Original images:

ChemCam Sol 2139 01:39:01 UTC

Mastcam Right Sol 2139 02:19:47 UTC

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